Savvaidis & Associates | With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Rhodes  is officially the sunniest place in Europe. Its  overwhelming natural beauty and the significant marks of history are only two of the reasons that make the island so special.


  • Around the Year. Rhodes is a lively island all year round. Apart from several tourist resorts, nothing closes in the winter. The island awaits you at all times of the year, each of the four seasons with a distinctive and separate character.
  • Population. Rhodes has a population of around 120.000. Among the locals there are people from all areas of Greece, students of Rhodes University and various nationalities, who chose the island to be their home. Each of them, with different culture and traditions, add to the special and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Rhodes.
  • Lifestyle. People in Rhodes have a wide variety of lifestyle; from living a luxurious and expensive one to experiencing the simple and rural life. And when the time  comes, the modern world and amenities are just around the corner.


  • Airport. The International Airport of Rhodes (Diagoras) is 16 kilometres south-west of Rhodes City. There are 16  daily connection flights to Athens and many more to other national destinations. From April to October there are  daily charter flights to and from various international destinations, as well as some scheduled flights from well known airlines such as Easyjet. For transport on the island you may  use one of 21 buses  linking  the airport to Rhodes Town, you may hire a taxi, or rent a car directly from the airport at the desks of  major car rental companies.
  • Transport. Rhodes is a major port with sea links not only to Athens, Crete, and the islands of the Aegean, but also to Cyprus, Turkey, and Israel. It also hosts a considerable number of yachts during the summer months and a new yacht marina is under construction. The island features a perfect high-speed road network, as well as transport facilities and excellent telecommunications.
  • Healthcare. There is a brand new hospital, with all the up-to-date facilities and qualified staff, hospital clinics and health centres in direct proximity to every municipality of the island. British and other EU nationals are officially entitled to free medical care  thanks to reciprocal agreements. The private hospital, Euromedica S.A., has just opened,  offering excellent services to the visitors of Rhodes.
  • Education. Public and modern private schools provide a high quality education to children.

Costs & Safety

  • Low costs. With low cost of living in most areas, the friendly and hospitable locals are ready to teach you how to enjoy the simple things in life and a natural environment. In Rhodes your stress level will drop and your enjoyment of life will rise.
  • Low crime rates. According to statistics, Rhodes is one of the safest places to live and enjoy a quality life, with a practically zero crime rate.

Beauty, Culture & History

  • Scenery. Rhodes Island is a place where you can still find unique, untouched beaches and the sea is crystal clear. Apart from that there are many unique landmarks on Rhodes, such as the unique Medieval Old Town (designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site), the town of Lindos, one of the most picturesque locations in Greece, the eco-park of the Valley of the Butterflies that attracts thousands of butterflies and the Seven Springs with seven trickling streams that flow into a lake. Landscape contrasts, from rocky wild scenery to lush green valleys, make the island  quite special and an inspiration for classic and modern artists.
  • History. The geographical location is only one of the reasons making Rhodes a target of many aspiring empires over the years. Ottomans, Romans, Byzantines, The Knights of St. John – literally, the foundations of  world history have all left behind  their distinct  landmarks,  making Rhodes  an unrivalled resort that combines the cosmopolitan life of Europe with the mysteries of the East.


  • Cuisine. A gastronome’s paradise, Rhodes offers a wealth of choices for dining out. Rhodian cuisine is renowned for its combination of fresh local products and ingredients, pure olive oil, fresh vegetables, traditional recipes and imagination. Rhodes offers a wide variety of cuisine to satisfy every taste, from traditional village tavernas to high-class sophisticated restaurants, offering authentic and international specialties.
  • Shopping. The cosmopolitan character of Rhodes is also well reflected in its shopping.  You will find virtually anything, from boutiques offering internationally well-known fashion designers to Marks & Spencer and BHS. Handicrafts and folk art are also in abundance. You will meet craftsmen at various locations producing colourful ceramics, hand-carved wood and weaving, knitting and hand-made jewellery.
  • Nightlife. We could not omit mentioning the cosmopolitan nightlife of  Rhodes, for it is very likely  that during the hours of darkness  the international sparkle really shines. The island offers entertainment to suit all tastes and desires, from alfresco relaxing bars, lively nightclubs and discos with international music to cafe bars, typical Greek hot spots with live bouzouki music and even a luxurious casino.
  • Events. The most highly anticipated events of the year  are the Cultural Events organised each summer by the municipality  of Rhodes Town  (July  through September). Events include various concerts, art exhibitions and theatre  performances, with important participants  from Greece and all over the world.  More traditional events and festivals can be experienced during the plethora of religious festivities celebrated on the island.
  • Hobbies. Further, there are various activity  clubs to join. From bridge, chess, dance, winter swimming and fine arts, to some of the charity clubs active  on the island.
  • Cinema. There are two brand new multi-cinemas showing more than 8 new English-language films per week.
  • Sports. Sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed, with a variety of gymnasiums, horse riding clubs, an 18-hole, par-72 championship golf course, tennis  courts, squash, football and basketball courts, paragliding, jet-skiing, bowling and, for the more adventurous, even scuba diving and flight schools, to name a few.
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