SAVVAIDIS & Associates | CNN Tribute to the Greek Islands

Posted on July 16, 2013 by

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America’s news channel CNN will pay tribute to the Greek islands on its website, allowing all visitors to the site to see, in depth, what the tourist industry in Greece has to offer.
Greece is more than just beaches and blue skies.  It is now firmly on the radar as a foodie destination with Rhodes offering many trendy eateries as well as the more traditional family run tavernas, that offer beautifully cooked, fresh food daily.

Wildlife here on Rhodes is abundant and there are many historical sites that are simply breathtaking.  An island as diverse as Rhodes can offer the visitor, and of course those who make the island their permanent home, a happy, healthy place to spend their days.

The editorial team of CNN Travel are to thank for this initiative, who have chosen to highlight within their presentation many island destinations, among them our sunshine isle of Rhodes.

The goal of the CNN team is to highlight the richness of the Greek islands.  Detailed information will be given on the most popular beaches, bars, restaurants, historical monuments and sights at each destination.


Users of the CNN site will be able to publish the articles on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, creating additional awareness and promotion of Greece and its islands.
Savvas Savvaidis of SAVVAIDIS & Associates welcomes the CNN presentation “I am always happy to see the wonderful richness and beauty of my country promoted in this way.  My particular home of Rhodes is an area of exceptional beauty to which many of its visitors have decided to make it a more permanent fixture in their lives by purchasing a second home on the island”.  To see a selection of properties available please follow the link