Savvaidis & Associates | Cruise News Rhodes 2013

Posted on February 5, 2013 by


And the good news is . . . . .

Yet another Cruise Liner company is following the example of Costa Cruises and is planning to make the Port of Rhodes its home base.

This welcome development was announced  yesterday by the Mayor of Rhodes and the Chairman of the Municipal Port of the South Dodekanese, Stathis Kousournas.

According to the announcement, the company is planning to make Rhodes its starting point as of next year, making use of the services of “home port” which have been available since June 2012.  Further details will be made known within the next few days after a meeting which will take place in Geneva on 12th February where Rhodes will make a presentation regarding the level of services and infrastructure to be offered to both cruise liners and

Mr Kousournas expressed his satisfaction with this latest development, stressing the importance of such a decision for Rhodes – “it is an important development highlighting huge prospects for our island, it is a very positive move resulting from our presence at the Massalias exhibition”, he went on to thank those involved with the successful presentation.

Savvas Savvaidis, of Savvaidis & Associates is very pleased that Rhodes port is finally being recognised as a viable embarkation point due to the increased levels of tourism this will bring and along with this, an increased amount of potential real estate clients.

Article taken from Rodiaki Newspaper